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Above, window covering motorization can control light through those hard to reach windows, but Carol Beatty says PowerView can do so much more.

Power Window Treatments: Problem Solved


Power to the window!

We've come a long way. Years ago my great aunt bragged a lot about the power locks for her new car. At the time, I thought it was an unnecessary waste of money. That was before I owned a car with power locks and found out how convenient they were. Since, all my cars have had them.

The same can be said for power window treatments. They can make life so much easier. Tall windows with hot sun can lower before the heat bakes the room and raised for the full view when wanted. There are no cords or chains hanging down walls like in the old days. With modern, wireless technology, power shades are so much more versatile! There is no ripping out walls to run electrical lines.

Whole rooms can be programmed to open or close at will. Non-techies can use a simple pebble remote or surface control. Ultra techies can have iPad or smart phone control, or even hook up to Alexa or home automation. There's a motorized window treatment for every comfort level.

Above, the PowerView Motorization System, coupled with the design and installation experience at Quigley Draperies, automatically moves your shades throughout the day, so you don't have to.

Once you've experienced the convenience of power, you don't want to go back. It's especially nice for tall or hard to reach windows, like transoms, skylights or windows in back of bathtubs or furniture.

A few years ago, I got a message from a couple who had recently bought a home. The house was about 18 years old with a two-story living room. The windows were all bare.

Their problem, the wife explained, was that the room was terribly cold in the winter. The sun heated it so much in the summer, that the air conditioning couldn't keep up and the room was too hot. Even with the beautiful stone fireplace, the family wasn't using the living room much because it was uncomfortable.

They loved the house's lot, with its gorgeous woods. They did not want to lose the view to heavy looking window treatments.

The solution was two-fold. First came energy efficiency with Duette Architella, honeycomb within a honeycomb design to give a 4.5 star rating to the shades. The shades on the top transom windows could be mounted on the inside of the beautiful trim. The top windows could operate with a Power View system. The Architella shades pulled up to four inches at the tops of the windows when not in use, preserving the view. When lowered, the same opaque texture let a lovely filtered light into the space.

The lower windows were a mix. Vertiglide shades easily pull to the sides on the sliding doors into six and a half inches of space. The windows on the bottom, next to the sliders, had top down/bottom up shades with a Lite Rise operating system. This allowed for more light control, energy efficiency and a sleeker look.

All of the tall transom windows, the bottom sliding doors and the bottom windows were done in the same texture and color of desert sands. This tied in nicely with the wall color and allowed some contrast with the white trim. It also did not overwhelm the fireplace and furniture.

The couple were happy to hear that at Quigley Draperies we could handle all the design and installation.

Above, Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades, coupled with the design and installation experience at Quigley Draperies, can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

After the job was completed, the wife commented on how comfortable the room was. The husband liked that the room was quieter. There were no control cords in the way to tangle the young daughter or the dog. The Power View top window controls were so easy to operate, and are used to this day daily with happy results. The living room is now used for living!

Do you have a window dilemma? Let us help you turn that challenge into a beautiful solution!

If you would like help with a professional window treatment design, specification, fabrication and installation, we would be happy to help. At Quigley Draperies we’ve been helping homeowners decorate for 89 years! Come in to our showroom or call for an appointment. We'll help make your windows beautiful and the process easy. We do all of the work, start to finish.

Quigley Draperies, at 860 W. Broadway Ave. in downtown Roosevelt Park, features their own custom work room and installation, as well as experienced, trusted design assistance. Quigley's is celebrating 89 years of helping homeowners decorate their windows. Call (231) 755-3248 or visit

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