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Above, where beauty meets energy efficiency: the Alustra Collection of Duette Architella honeycomb shades.

New Choices for Decorating Sliding Glass Doors


The age old question: How do I treat my slider to help reduce sun and increase privacy — and look modern, too?

The first question to answer is do you prefer something that pulls to the side or to the top? Side options are easy with children and pets, because they work with gravity, are light weight and can be easily moved to the side opposite the handle. (For example, if the handle is on the right, the treatment "stack" is to the left.)

Side stack choices include the following.

• Duette or Applause Vertiglide. This is an easy choice that is very popular today: cellular shade material either standard as in Applause or energy efficient as in Architella Duette. It runs vertically with an engineered track on the top. A handle is permanently attached to the moving rail. Grab the handle, push to the stacking side, and the shade will only take six and a half inches to pull off to.

This is ideal when there is not enough room on the wall for stacking and a compact look is preferred. Many times these replace older, dated, messy vertical blinds. The look of the Vertiglides is sleeker and many color choices are available, including deeper tones of sable, cappuccino, or even cobalt.

If other windows are in the room, the same material can be done horizontally in shades with LiteRise and top down/bottom up options. Or all can even be made with Power View with a single control for all! This is a nice choice if windows are hard to reach or furniture is placed directly below the windows.

Muskegon, Muskegon County's online magazine

Above, Vertiglide in Duo Glide with Top Down Power View shades.

• Draperies are making a big comeback on sliders, but they need to be designed correctly.

Rule One: No grommet panels. These do not pull easily and are not recommended.

Rule Two: Decorative traverse rods or pull rods with bypass brackets and C rings only. Anything else will not pull easily and is not recommended. We spec these out for you.

Rule Three: Use wall space to opposite handle for stacking, if you want to clear the glass. If you don't care for the view, as in a bedroom, then don't worry.

Rule Four: If possible, install high for a taller look to the ceilings. If you have transom ceilings, hang above the top of the transom, not below.

Within these guidelines are a variety of soft looks. Properties with easy care fabrics are child and pet friendly. Lined draperies are energy efficient. Patterned draperies are stylish. Details can be added for interest, such as decorative tape, color blocking or ripplefold. There are a wide variety of choices, from light to deep or colorful. Textured semi-sheer options are available. Or printed choices can liven up any room! Some fabrics can even be made into matching, decorative accessories, such as pillows or roman shades.

Muskegon, Muskegon County's online magazine

Above, although not on a sliding door, here is an example of a one-way draw.

• Privacy Sheers. Luminette privacy sheers offer a soft, rounded top and a variety of textures and colors. The line was completely redesigned last spring with more screen textures, deep tones, and control options for a more modern look.

The could also be made in light dimming and PowerView for the perfect master bedroom retreat.

Ado Wrap slip covered verticals are still popular. They provide the light control of verticals with the soft light qualities of sheer fabric over. Also, the material keeps the vanes from getting tangled up for a cleaner look. There is a variety of colors, textures, and easy care options.

• Gliding Panels. Skyline panels glide to the side of windows, a nice modern look with coordinating designer shades on the windows. Great for the modern look!

• Vertical Blinds. New Cadena verticals are curved like a drapery, but have the light control of a blind — a new twist on a classic solution.

These are the best side stack choices. Next time, I'll discuss the choices for horizontals!

If you would like help with a professional window treatment design, specification, fabrication and installation, we would be happy to help. At Quigley Draperies we’ve been helping homeowners decorate for 89 years! Come in to our showroom or call for an appointment. We'll help make your windows beautiful and the process easy. We do all of the work, start to finish.

Quigley Draperies, at 860 W. Broadway Ave. in downtown Roosevelt Park, features their own custom work room and installation, as well as experienced, trusted design assistance. Quigley's is celebrating 89 years of helping homeowners decorate their windows. Call (231) 755-3248 or visit

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