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Michigan’s Heritage Park and Muskegon’s Historic Sites open May 2. Explore 10,000 years of Michigan history, and “Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!” Details here.

Free at Watermark 920 May 20: Roosevelt Diggs, Brother Adams. Also free: First Fridays After Party June 3 with Olivia Manville! See and hear more here.

The White Lake Area Arts and Crafts Festival is Father’s Day weekend, June 18 and 19 at Goodrich Park in Whitehall! Find out more about this family friendly festival.

What’s the Muskegon County real estate market like today? Nancy Bierenga looks into the local market and what it may mean for the value of your home.

Children grieve differently from adults. Laura Ecker explains how you can help a child who has lost a parent or grandparent navigate the grief journey in this important article.

Jodi Clock illustrates how two deaths contrast the needs of friends and family for closure. “You are more important than you realize!” Find out why here.

Now that the snow is behind us, Judith Delis offers advice to get seniors moving again, with both physical and mental health benefits. Find out how you can help.

The country’s largest one-day food drive is May 14, and you can help. See how local letter carriers are helping Stamp Out Hunger!

This month, Mars is close! See a meteor shower, enjoy bright stars, and locate three bright planets. Astronomer Jonathan Truax helps here!

Buster’s film Cops (1922) is about a man who can not win, even though his intentions are good. The short comedy is complete and online here!

Enjoy what’s happening with Muskegon County's BEST online events calendar, from Hackley Public Library.

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