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Irish dancers, exploding paint, live ragtime, Victorian fashions and more are at Hackley Public Library this month! Plus crafts for kids and adults, book and writing clubs, and more. Discover it all here.

What is the real story about Muskegon County housing affordability? REALTOR Nancy Bierenga offers answers from reliable sources in this detailed, informative article about buying your home.

Senior guardianship can be difficult to understand. Kurt Sapp from Seminole Shores Living Center answers eight frequently asked questions about senior guardians in this important article.

Workplace campaigns are fun! Christine Robere of United Way of the Lakeshore shows how strong businesses make strong communities and strong communities make strong businesses.

Supervolcanoes is now at Carr-Fles Planetarium! Plus, the harvest moon, Milky Way and more in September skies. Astronomer Jonathan Truax is your guide.

Can love survive when in-laws hate each other? Buster finds out in 1920’s Neighbors. Enjoy the comedy and high flying stunts complete and online here. VIDEO!

Don't miss a thing this month with Muskegon County's best online events calendar, courtesy of Hackley Public Library!

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