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Explore a Universe of Stories with Hackley Public Library’s annual summer reading program. Plus: Author Pamela Cameron, Whiskey Charmers, Hogwarts Escape Room and more! Discover it here. VIDEO!

The White Lake Area Arts and Crafts Festival is Father's Day weekend, June 15 and 16. Enjoy hand-made arts and crafts, plus music with Mike Snell, Plain Jane Glory, and Vincent Hayes! Find out more here. VIDEO!

You like the open window look, but with bright sun your room is still uncomfortable. What do you do? Decorator Carol Beatty of Quigley Draperies offers ideas to control bright sun and go from glare to glow. VIDEO!

It’s normal to want to spend more time outside during summer, but summer sun can cause more harm than good. Kurt Sapp of Seminole Shores Living Center suggests five sun protection safety tips for seniors here!

If you are considering buying a home, you may be confused about how much you need to come up with for your down payment to secure a mortgage. Realtor Nancy Bierenga's informative article has the answers.

Take it outside this summer! Get some fresh air and help your community! Christine Robere of United Way of the Lakeshore looks at fundraising events that also celebrate the beauty of our lakeshore.

This month, clear skies are frequent and contain many wonderful delights for sky watchers, including four planets in the evening sky. Astronomer Jonathan Truax is your guide! VIDEO!

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Buster’s film Cops is about a man who can not win, even though his intentions are good. The character is comedically pursued by hundreds of policemen! See Cops, complete and online here! VIDEO!

Once color came to movies, early animation artists loved playing with the design potential presented by spring: bright flowers, blue skies, butterflies, and cute animals. See two of 1933's best here! VIDEO!

Don't miss a thing this month with Muskegon County's best online events calendar, courtesy of Hackley Public Library!

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